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Crop a raster

Crop a raster#

This example demonstrates the cropping of a raster using geoutils.Raster.crop().

We open a raster and vector, and subset the latter.

import geoutils as gu

filename_rast = gu.examples.get_path("everest_landsat_b4")
filename_vect = gu.examples.get_path("everest_rgi_outlines")
rast = gu.Raster(filename_rast)
vect = gu.Vector(filename_vect)
vect = vect[vect["RGIId"] == "RGI60-15.10055"]

The first raster has larger extent and higher resolution than the vector.

Driver:               GTiff
Opened from file:     /home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/geoutils/checkouts/stable/examples/data/Everest_Landsat/LE71400412000304SGS00_B4.tif
Filename:             /home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/geoutils/checkouts/stable/examples/data/Everest_Landsat/LE71400412000304SGS00_B4.tif
Loaded?               False
Modified since load?  False
Grid size:                 800, 655
Number of bands:      1
Data types:           uint8
Coordinate system:    ['EPSG:32645']
Nodata value:         None
Pixel interpretation: Point
Pixel size:           30.0, 30.0
Upper left corner:    478000.0, 3088490.0
Lower right corner:   502000.0, 3108140.0

BoundingBox(left=86.89820460200008, bottom=28.00781958500005, right=86.97674208800004, top=28.095011473000056)

Let’s plot the raster and vector.

vect.plot(ref_crs=rast, fc="none", ec="k", lw=2)
crop raster

First option: using the vector as a reference to match, we reproject the raster. We simply have to pass the Vector as single argument to crop(). See Match-reference functionality for more details.

rast.crop(vect, inplace=True)

Now the bounds should be the same as that of the vector (within the size of a pixel as the grid was not warped).


By default, crop() is done in-place, replacing rast. This behaviour can be modified by passing inplace=False.

rast.plot(ax="new", cmap="Purples")
vect.plot(ref_crs=rast, fc="none", ec="k", lw=2)
crop raster

Second option: we can pass other crop_geom argument to crop(), including another Raster or a simple tuple of bounds. For instance, we can re-crop the raster to be smaller than the vector.

rast.crop((rast.bounds.left + 1000, rast.bounds.bottom, rast.bounds.right, rast.bounds.top - 500), inplace=True)

rast.plot(ax="new", cmap="Purples")
vect.plot(ref_crs=rast, fc="none", ec="k", lw=2)
crop raster

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