⚠️ Our 0.1 release refactored several early-development functions for long-term stability, to update your code see here. ⚠️
Future changes will come with deprecation warnings! 🙂



Raster.raster_equal(other, strict_masked=True, warn_failure_reason=False)[source]#

Check if two rasters are equal.

This means that are equal: - The raster’s masked array’s data (including masked values), mask, fill_value and dtype, - The raster’s transform, crs and nodata values.

  • other (TypeVar(RasterType, bound= Raster)) – Other raster.

  • strict_masked (bool) – Whether to check if masked cells (in .data.mask) have the same value (in .data.data).

  • warn_failure_reason (bool) – Whether to warn for the reason of failure if the check does not pass.

Return type: