⚠️ Our 0.1 release refactored several early-development functions for long-term stability, to update your code see here. ⚠️
Future changes will come with deprecation warnings! 🙂



classmethod Vector.from_bounds_projected(raster_or_vector, out_crs=None, densify_points=5000)[source]#

Create a vector polygon from projected bounds of a raster or vector.

  • raster_or_vector (Union[Raster, TypeVar(VectorType, bound= Vector)]) – A raster or vector

  • out_crs (CRS | None) – In which CRS to compute the bounds

  • densify_points (int) – Maximum points to be added between image corners to account for nonlinear edges. Reduce if time computation is really critical (ms) or increase if extent is not accurate enough.

Return type:

TypeVar(VectorType, bound= Vector)