⚠️ Our 0.1 release refactored several early-development functions for long-term stability, to update your code see here. ⚠️
Future changes will come with deprecation warnings! 🙂

GeoUtils is a Python package for accessible, efficient and reliable geospatial analysis.


GeoUtils v0.1 is released, with most features drafted 3 years ago now finalized 🎉! We are working on an Xarray accessor and a few other features for 2024.

Where to start?#

About GeoUtils

Learn more about why we developed GeoUtils.

Quick start

Run a short example of the package functionalities.


Dive into the full documentation.

Prefer to grasp GeoUtils’ core concepts by comparing with other Python packages? Read through a short side-by-side code comparison with Rasterio and GeoPandas.

Looking to learn a specific feature by running an example? Jump straight into our example galleries on Input/output, Handling and Analysis.

See also

If you are DEM-enthusiastic, check-out our sister package xDEM for digital elevation models.

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