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The geo-image (SatelliteImage)

The geo-image (SatelliteImage)#

Below, a summary of the SatelliteImage object and its methods.

Object definition#

A SatelliteImage is a subclass of Raster that contains all its main attributes, and retains additional ones:

A SatelliteImage also inherits the same derivative attributes as a Raster.

Metadata parsing#

The SatelliteImage attempts to parse metadata from the filename.

Right now are supported:

  • Landsat,

  • Sentinel-2,

  • SPOT,

  • ASTER,

  • ArcticDEM and REMA,

  • ALOS,

  • SRTM,

  • TanDEM-X, and


The datetime is always parsed or deduced.

For tiled products such as SRTM, the tile naming is also retrieved, which can be converted to geographic extent with geoutils.raster.satimg.parse_tile_attr_from_name().

import geoutils as gu

# Instantiate a geo-image from an ASTER image
filename_geoimg = gu.examples.get_path("exploradores_aster_dem")
geoimg = gu.SatelliteImage(filename_geoimg, silent=False)
From filename: setting satellite as Terra
From filename: setting sensor as ASTER
From filename: setting product as L1A
From filename: setting version as 3
From filename: setting datetime as 2012-03-18 14:42:28
# Instantiate a geo-image from a Landsat 7 image
filename_geoimg2 = gu.examples.get_path("everest_landsat_b4")
geoimg2 = gu.SatelliteImage(filename_geoimg2, silent=False)
From filename: setting satellite as Landsat 7
From filename: setting sensor as ETM+
From filename: setting tile_name as 140041
From filename: setting datetime as 2000-10-30 00:00:00


The SatelliteImage class is still in development, and we hope to further refine it in the future using metadata classes able to parse auxiliary files metadata (such as here).